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Humidity Sensor HS1101LF


Humidity Sensor

Sensor Model: HS1101LF (Color Black Case)

Capacitive Humidity Sensor - High accuracy and high reliability ROHS compliant.


          Humidity Measuring Range 1-99 %RH

          Supply Voltage Vs 10 V

          Nominal capacitance @55%RH 180+/-3 pF

          Temperature coefficient Tcc -0. 01 pF/C

          Average Sensitivity from 33% RH to 75%RH is 0. 31 pF/%RH

          Leakage Current (Vcc=5V) I = 1 nA

          Recovery time after 150 hours of condensation tr 10 s

          Humidity Hysteresis +/-1 %RH

          Long term stability T +/-0. 5 %RH/yr

          Time Constant (at 63% of signal, still air) 33%RH to 80%RH ta 3 5 s

         Deviation to typical response curve (10% RH to 90%RH) +/-2 %RH




          Cold storage humidity monitoring and control


          Tea fermenting zone humidity monitoring and control


          Food grain storage humidity monitoring


          Processed food moisture monitoring


          Green houses humidity monitoring and monitoring


          Soil moisture monitoring and control


          Concrete moisture monitoring and control


         Environmental survey humidity monitoring








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